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Travel and departure to choose a backpack to have a method

2019-11-04 15:08:36

Backpack is not only the exclusive of students, besides practical, fashion is also very important, it can free your hands, can let you out of the street style, so for this person called fashion and practical backpack, how to choose?

Backpack fabric -- not just "face". Currently, backpacks are usually made of two materials: "nylon" and "Cordura". Although canvas is wear-resisting, but because be affected with damp easily, wet not easy dry and quality is heavier, used rarely so. Nylon cloth quality is lighter, not hygroscopic, moldy, dry fast, strength is also good; The disadvantage is not wear-resisting and afraid of fire. Cordura is also a synthetic nylon fabric, but it performs better in abrasion and strength than nylon, is also non-absorbent, mildewy and sticky with snow, and dries quickly, but is slightly heavier than nylon.

You need to know the scene. Regular trips, city trips, and the usual backpack will suffice because you'll have to wait in line, go through security, and pick up whatever you need, so you don't need a bag that's too big or too complicated. If you want to camp to bring a tent, sleeping bag and other large items, this time to choose a large bag is very necessary. If you are a professional climber, the bag is your choice.

Canvas backpack. Canvas is a kind of cotton fabric, which is easy to be colored and modified, so it is rarely restricted in the design and color of making backpack. Therefore, the design of canvas bag is more novel and diverse, but its water resistance and abrasion resistance are not as good as nylon cloth and leather. Small water resistance is ok, but a little troublesome in rainy days.

Want to satisfy human body study, close-fitting, do not press shoulder good, can reduce the exhaustion of the journey. Fifthly, the quality should be good enough, durable, waterproof and fireproof, especially the quality of the strap and zipper should be good, which is very important.