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Bags according to the classification can be divided into which a few kinds

2019-10-21 11:50:44

General points: design bag, the material package, the function package, box

Style package: female bag, men's bags, handbags, travelling bag, student bag, mountaineering bags, and so on

Material package: cloth, leather bags, PVC bag, EVA bag, canvas bag, no cloth, PU bag and so on

Feature pack: computer bags, briefcases, digital bag, camera bag, medical bags, cosmetic bags, musical instrument bags, fishing bags and so on

Box: pull rod box, toolbox, suitcase, suitcase, EVA case, etc

Bags according to different styles, can be divided into: dinner bags, handbags, cosmetic bag, jewelry box, briefcase, bag, computer bag, mountaineering bags, backpacks, wallets, rod boxes, bags, wallets, etc