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How to choose a backpack suitable for your own use

2019-08-14 14:13:16

How to choose a backpack suitable for your own use? It can be considered from the following aspects:

A. Choose the volume of backpack according to the number of loaded goods. If the travel time is short and you are not going to camp outdoors, you should choose the backpack with small volume. This kind of knapsack general structure is simpler, does not set external to hang or set external to hang less, besides a advocate bag, set 3-5 to attach bag normally, facilitate classification to load article, if travel time is longer, or need to carry camping equipment, should choose a big bag, with 50 litre ~70 litre advisable. If you want to carry more or larger items, you can choose a large backpack of 80+20 liters, or a backpack with more external loads.

B. According to the purpose of the backpack, the type of backpack is the same as the hiking bag, but its use is not the same. If be the rock-climbing bag that designs for rock-climbing activity technically, do not design hard support commonly, for facilitating carry and qu, external hang a dot more, hang equipment with benefit to be tugged on, some design still assembled the mat cloth that organizes equipment technically. The bike series designed for cycling pay more attention to the characteristics of cycling, which can be divided into backpacks and pack bags. General meaning of mountaineering bag, also known as camping backpack, the design takes into account the characteristics of various sports and long-distance marching needs, suitable for mountaineering, adventure risk and woodland crossing activities. There are specially designed for long-distance travel backpack, referred to as multi-purpose bag or lash bag, the fission structure forms the basic and mountaineering bag similar, but the double shoulder, upper and lower layers, and is similar to the luggage, peel type openings, single shoulder, can be horizontal, vertical, begin a new line, have conjoined structure size packing, can be divided into which can easy to use, is very popular with travelers. In short, all kinds of backpacks have their own unique scope of application.

C. The carrying system of the backpack with the carrying system selected according to the body has a specific range of application. Although the adjustable backpack has a large range of application, it is not unlimited, so it is very important to choose the size of the carrying system. What size is appropriate? Generally speaking, the waist stress point of the backpack should be on the lumbar socket above the tailbone, and the fulcrum of the shoulder strap should be roughly flat with the shoulder slightly lower than the shoulder, so as to facilitate the adjustment and stress of the stress band, and make it comfortable to carry. And the back size is too large to produce a sense of falling, otherwise there will be a longitudinal sense, so that the waist force is not in place. When the right size is adjusted, the backpack will fit comfortably on the back.

[D] the quality of materials should not be ignored. When choosing a backpack, many people tend to pay more attention to the color and appearance of the backpack. From the perspective of webbing, the price of ordinary webbing and high quality webbing can be 3~5 times different. The webbing capacity selected by BIG PACK can reach more than 200 kg. To feed on the difference is very big also, as the fabrics of 42 d, 280 grams per yard common fabrics, and high density fabric weighs 410 grams per yard, so two kinds of fabric from the strength and wear-resisting degree have very big difference on the friction to destructive testing of fabrics, with 500 d fabric, ordinary nylon fabric damaged when 1075 revolutions, and the dupont nylon fabric is in 3605 turn when damaged, the wear-resisting degree is three times as many ordinary nylon. From the point of view of coating, low-grade backpacks are mostly coated with PVC, which will harden in cold, while high-grade backpacks are mostly coated with PU fabric, which has no obvious change in hardness in case of cold. The waterproof degree of PU coated fabric for four times can reach more than 1500mm. At present the famous brand back of the market is more exquisite on using makings, the performance quality is also better.