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What kind and characteristic does wrapping makings have

2019-07-24 16:41:22

Head leather and second layer leather: according to the layers of leather, there are head leather and second layer leather, among which head leather is grain leather, shave leather, embossed leather, special effect leather, embossed leather; Two - layer leather and two - layer pig and cow leather.

Grain upper leather: in many leather varieties, the whole grain upper leather ranks the first place, because it is processed by the superior raw material leather with less disability, the leather surface retains the intact natural state, the coating is thin, can show the natural pattern beauty of animal skin. It is not only wear-resistant, but also has good air permeability.

Shaving leather: it is made by using a leather grinding machine to finish the surface after light grinding, and then press the corresponding pattern. It's actually a "facelifting" of a natural leather surface with a disability or roughness. This leather has almost lost its original surface condition.

Full grain leather characteristics: soft leather, wrinkle leather, frontal leather, etc. It is a kind of high grade leather, with clear, fine, compact pores and irregular arrangement. The leather products made from this cowhide are comfortable, durable and beautiful.

Characteristics of half-grain leather: it is processed and polished by the equipment in the process of production into only half grain, so it is called half-grain cowhide. Maintained the partial style of natural leather, pore is flat show elliptic, arrange irregular, feel is hard, choose the raw material skin with poorer grade commonly. So it's a mid-range leather. Due to the particularity of the process, its surface has no disability and scar, and its utilization rate is high, and its finished products are not easy to deform, so it is generally used for large document box products with a large area.

Shaved cowhide characteristics: also known as "smooth cowhide", the market also known as fog, bright cowhide. It is characterized by flat and smooth surface without pores and skin lines. In the process of making, the surface grain surface is slightly polished. A layer of colored resin is sprayed on the leather to cover the surface lines. Especially the bright surface cowhide, its bright dazzling, noble and gorgeous style, is the fashion leather goods popular leather.

Special effect leather features: the production process requirement with modified surface cowhide, just inside the colored resin added with beads, metal composite coating on aluminum or copper element on the leather, then a layer of water roll light transparent resin, its finished product has a variety of luster, bright village, elegant, for the current epidemic of leather, belongs to the middle-grade leather. Embossed cowhide properties: a style of leather is produced by heating the surface of the leather with patterned panels (aluminum, copper). At present, the popular market has "litchi grain cowhide", which is to use a piece of flowers with litchi grain design, the name also subsequently said "litchi grain cowhide".