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Classification of outdoor backpacks

2019-06-12 17:01:53

(1) Climbing knapsack: used for topographic climbing of ice and snow rocks at middle and high altitudes. The main features of the backpack are ruggedness, wear resistance and waterproof, compact structure design, convenient taking and placing items, professional setting of external hanging and stable backpack, etc. (2) Hiking class: used for hiking through many terrain such as jungle and mountain areas. The main features of the backpack are strong wear resistance and waterproof, strong backpack bearing capacity, complete backpack system, more external binding points and so on. It is divided into one-day hiking backpack and multi-day hiking backpack. (3) Ice and snow backpack: used for ice and snow sports. The main features are rugged, wear-resistant and waterproof backpack, compact structure, light weight, simple backpack structure, strong external binding force, etc. There are special ski equipment binding and fixing settings. (4) Luggage/Hanging Bag: Simple and convenient, can be loaded with some carry-on items. (5) Bike bag: used for road and cross-country bicycle riding. The main features of the backpack are compact structure, portable and comfortable carrying, easy binding and so on. (6) Washing bag: Portable, waterproof and durable. (7) Arm bag: Place your mobile phone and change wherever you can while running. (8) Waterproof bags: mobile phones, wallets, cameras, etc. can be placed when drifting back to the stream, sleeping bags, clothes, etc. when traveling long distances. (9) Travel bags: capacity 20-40L, change laundry and personal goods.

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