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Bag bag types are introduced

2019-05-17 11:10:16

  The kinds of bags:

  1, briefcase,

  Briefcase is usually a few big, specially for paper, calculator, CARDS, ball pen, documents, documents, stationery, etc. Give priority to with leather briefcase, a solid, useful also embossed leather sewing. Styles of square, oblong, flat square, oval, and wait for a variety of mobile type, color is given priority to with sauce yellow, carrying way including carrying, back, carry, etc.

  2, telescopic package

  Package has no fixed bracket, soft and resilient. Its style is various, sun back, portable, some set purses and wallets, package, there are usually two, three dark bag, can put money, keys, cosmetics, suitable for young women.

  3, zipper bag

  It come a long way to attend the meeting or women are most suitable for field operations, but I can't habit, just start to use general suspender clip hair, use a few times and natural. Generally well-made leather bags, leather good full of sheen, suspender length can adjust freely. Between the location of the package to put in the waist and hip is more appropriate, and convenient. Some heavy bag, can freely in and out of the can, as long as the hand bag with shoulds not be long. Some bags up straps into a bag, a pack of two kinds of ways to carry, can choose at will. The backpack, more make young women full of youthful vigor