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Did you choose the right school bag for your child during the back-to-school season

2019-02-22 15:09:39

  Imperceptibly, it is season of a year term, a lot of parents can change new schoolbag for the child, schoolbag is the good helper that children equips study things not only, it is an important factor that affects a child's body to develop healthily more, schoolbag is too heavy, the design that carry is unreasonable etc is to be able to affect child body to develop. A good child schoolbag, should be to carry on the back on the body, do not feel tired, those who advocate is to use principle of a kind of human body engineering to achieve the effect that protects rachis! And more fashionable, the child likes, this ability accords with the standard of a good children schoolbag! So, back-to-school season, parents, did you choose the right bag for your child?

  1, tailored to buy.

  Pay attention to whether the size of the bag is suitable for the child's height. Consider a small schoolbag. Choose the smallest one that can hold your child's books and stationery. Generally speaking, the schoolbag should not be wider than the child's body; Carry it on your back, and the bottom of the bag should not be less than 10cm below the child's waist. When carrying a schoolbag, the top of the schoolbag should not be higher than the child's head, and the belt position should be between 2 and 3 inches from the waist. The bottom of the bag is about the same height as the lower back. The bag is in the middle of the back, not on the bottom.

  2. Focus on design.

  Parents should not ignore whether the interior design of the schoolbag is reasonable when they buy it for their children. Schoolbag interior space design is reasonable, can put the child all sorts of books, stationery, articles for daily use classification, can raise the child from childhood receive with arrange ability, let the child form good habit.

  3. material to be light.

  The material of children's schoolbag should be light, which is easy to explain. Since students have to carry a large number of books and articles back to school, in order to avoid the increase of students' load, schoolbag should try to choose light material.

  4. Shoulder straps should be wide and wide.

  The shoulder strap of children's schoolbag should be wide and wide, which is also easy to explain. We have all carried schoolbags. If the shoulder strap is too narrow, the weight of the schoolbag, which is carried on the body for a long time, will easily hurt the shoulder. Shoulder straps should be wide to reduce the pressure on the shoulders of the bag and to distribute the weight of the bag equally; And the shoulder belt that has soft cushion can reduce the strain that schoolbag makes to trapezius place, if shoulder belt is too young, trapezius can feel fatigue more easily.

  5.Keep belts.

  Children's school bags should be equipped with a belt, which is rarely found in previous school bags. The belt can make the school bag closer to the back, and the weight of the school bag is evenly unloaded on the waist bone and pan bone. And chatelaine can secure satchel at the waist, prevent satchel to sway, reduce the pressure that backbone and shoulder place bear.

  6. Fashionable and beautiful

  Parents should buy a bag for their children in line with the aesthetic type of children, let the children happy to go to school.

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